On Pack Promotions

Print any code on packaging or POS materials for promo entry

Credit Card Upgrades

Stripe integration to pay at any event

Instant Win

Use any event run through Lodestone to trigger an instant win - coupons, entries, etc.

General Sweepstakes Forms

Collect any data points for your CRM

Online Voting

Vote on your .com or through our site. We have dozens of ways to run an online voting campaign.

Spin to Win

Gestures make any engagement scenario much stickier

Scratch Off

Set your own cover, odds and reward for scratching off

Flock To Unlock

Share to unlock promotions or entries


Use your own content to spur trackable engagements

Purchase Uploader

Match fields from your spreadsheets to manage inventory


Redeem aywhere/anytime - POS, On-line Code, Click to Redeem, Printable

Ticket/Gate Scan

App Checkin

Check-in on any Smartphone App via API

Beacon Checkin

Automatically know when a customer arrives on site

Mobile App Check-in

Check-in using your existing mobile app

Personality Quiz

Simple quiz and outcome

Scavenger Hunt

Online or offline activation hunt

Flock to Unlock

Designate actions to open up content


Contests and friendly competition

Scratch off

Sticky and unique promotional strategy

Spin to Win

Sticky promotional reveal

Twitter Battles

Highly visible Twitter showdown

Predict to Win

Choose the right outcome and win!

Pick’em Contest

Pick the winner and be a winner

Photo and Video Upload

Upload photos or video and gather user data points

Video Voice-Over

Let fans record VO on top of existing footage at home or at events

Activity Feed

See a programs activity feed on the home page

Task Based Sweepstakes

Unlock items by completing a number of activities

Featured Social Post

Showcase a featured Tweet, Copy, Content (video/photo)

SMS Voting

Submit a vote through a text

Online Voting

UGC, image, or video voting

Image Rating

Image rating from 1 - 5 stars

Fan Submission Form

Gather customer information

Social Voting

Highly visible voting campaign

Meme Generator

Set and follow trends quickly

Trivia App

Choose an answer to a questions

Poll App

Answer a quick question

Approved Code Entry App

Open up possibilities with code entry

Fan Photo Gallery

Display super fans on site or your .com

RSS News Feed

All of your news in one place

Proof of Purchase

Upload proof of purchase and activity

I Just Want To Chat

Contact Lodestone

Already In Love

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